Must Be Ready to Compete in a Global Market

I support greater focus on Wake County Public Schools construction and re-assignment through Growth Management Strategy to ensure adequate funding for Wake County Public Schools and despite some signs of improvement, our public schools are vital to our economic development and if our students are going to be globally competitive, we must do a much better job producing graduates that are proficient in reading and mathematics. Furthermore, we must urge our teachers to continue their desire for national certification and they should be rewarded for those additional achievements.

It will be through their participation in the National Board Certification program that the students will improve their achievement. Therefore, to address the student achievement gap, we must improve and support more pre-kindergarten programs. The earlier we can begin to influence a student’s learning ability, we give that student a greater possibility to perform well in school; especially doing their Middle School years. This will also influence the dropout rate as well as the graduation rate. Data has shown that there are four variables that have a profound effect on a student’s achievement, and they are

  • Student’s family
  • Student’s community
  • Student’s peer group and
  • Student’s school

Therefore, our education system is vital to their development and their ability to compete in a global market.


Time-Tested System to Empower Us

EMS, Fire Departments and Public Safety. As, I travel around this county and talk with the great people of Wake County they have only re-enforced my belief that the platform, I’m running on is vital and very important. Youth Gang, Adequate Facilities and Treatment for our citizens that have Mental Health concerns. The issue of Gang activity is becoming a hot topic in Wake County and other parts of the country.


Our Approach

Address + Intervene + Prosper
  • Its time for us to step up and address the youth issues.
  • We must intervene and look at ways to prevent interest in gangs, because it’s the community’s responsibility to take care of their youth.
  • The attitude of it’s not my neighborhood, so it doesn’t matter to me, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Therefore, I propose to create a Multi-Agency Task Force to address this issue. The security and safety of our youth are of the utmost important. I have also talked with people throughout the county, because I want to know what your concerns are and because you the people are vital stakeholders in this process. We must ensure that our EMS, Fire Departments and Public Safety are properly funded to provide the services that our community needs.


Helping Those Needing Help

The delivery of Health and Human related services for all children, the elderly, disabled and low-income families. Thereby, working with health care professionals and community entities. We must provide services to address, Food and Health assistance, consumer and housing concerns, childcare/abuse, adult home assistance, domestics abuse services and housing assistance for our veterans.

The Big 3 Brochure

Here's our prospectus flyer for easy to read points on the three areas we propose.

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